Organizational Leadership And Inter Professional Team Development

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Organizational Leadership and Inter-Professional Team Development When patients and family are involved in their own healthcare, they become empowered and their quality of care improves with better outcomes and increased cooperation. Patient- and family- centered care organizations are working hard to promote care that truly involves around the needs of the patient. One way to assess if an organization is reaching their goals in providing quality care to their patients is through the patient- and family- centered focus is by utilizing the Patient- and Family-Centered Care Organizational Self-Assessment Tool (PFCC). This assessment tool evaluates the current practices in the organization from leadership to inter-team professional development with a scoring system of one being the lowest to a five being the highest, with the option to mark unsure for each category. The PFCC tool was used to evaluate the OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital setting, scoring each category to have the ability to analyze their business practices while identifying their strengths and weaknesses, to give the ability to recognize and implement a strategy to put in place to improve a weakness recognize by the PFCC tool while recognizing the key stakeholders and their roles along with the financial implication on the organization as a whole. Business Practices The Affordable Care Act (ACA) relies heavily on the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model, but with new regulations, and reimbursement rates affected by patient satisfaction, health care facilities are now having to look at their business practices in the facility. Health care facilities are going to need to look at staffing, and the practice environment to promote efficient care delivery, because if ... ... middle of paper ... ..., even though this reputation had carried through with the hospital from the previous name change ten years prior. The values of OhioHealth are to provide compassion, excellence, stewardship, and integrity to not only the patients, but to their families along with the employees to make sure that it shows that the healthcare system as a whole from the administration on down is honored with dignity, and is shown value and worth by showing respect. Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses When analyzing the PFCC self-assessment tool at OhioHealth Mansfield, it allows the identification of strengths and weaknesses at said hospital, and a breakdown for each domain and its elements in which has an effect on patient-centered care. In the analysis some domains show all positives, but in most domains however the facility shows both positive with weaknesses as show below:
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