Organizational Leadership

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Organizational leadership

The vision gives wings: a study of two hospitals run as limited companies

Within this article, two hospitals in the south of Sweden were reorganized as limited companies. Hospital control moved from a local or political method of control to that of a business. Adopting business practices sped up the rate of decision making. The hospitals were able to make a profit while reducing the wait lists for services. Measurement of staff production is used as incentive rather than as punishment. The shared goals of the staff and hospital increased production, leading to improved finances, as well as shorter waiting lists. All healthcare delivery systems have to make money or at least not lose money in order to remain in service. Operating as a business ensures the viability of the healthcare delivery system as well as the positions for healthcare providers. It also ensures the availability of services for patients.


Interactional nursing – a practice-theory in the dynamic field between the natural, human and social sciences

Scheel & Pedersen (2010) studied interactional nursing, in relation to natural, human, and social sciences. These three sciences are necessary to a valid nursing practice and are equally dependent to maintain a holistic view of man and society within interactional nursing practice. The authors cite Aristotle’s works on ethics and Habermas’ three forms of knowledge to reinforce the multidimensionality of nursing. It is felt that practice forms theory and theory forms practice. In order to learn about nursing, one needs to learn about people.

Caring is vital to nursing, with the nurse being receptive to the patient’s needs. Caring is helping, supporting, consoling, ...

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