Organizational Issues inside a West Virginia Free Clinic

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The state of West Virginia advances special insight of the economic adversity our country is confronting. As the unemployment rate continues to increase so does the demand for medical care, however, numerous people still have no health insurance. West Virginia Health Right (WVHR) extends free medical care to the underserved and poor population of West Virginia. Although the benefits they offer may appear uncomplicated to many, there are numerous organizational ordeals WVHR must deal with. This paper will present an analysis of WVHR, extending a look into the strategic planning adversities its leadership contends with in addition to potential solutions to make their strategy succeed.

Free medical care is provided to the underserved, uninsured, and poor population of West Virginia by means of West Virginia Health Right (WVHR), which is a non-profit organization. The main mission or objective of the facility is to make available quality medical care to people who may not be able to receive treatment otherwise. To be able to offer such a vital service to the underserved citizens of the state, the clinic depends on its main stakeholder, the population it serves.

The principal stakeholders of WVHR present a diverse glimpse at community involvement at its finest. For example the doctors, surgeons, nurse practitioners, dentists, and dental hygienists offer their services for free. Furthermore, money that is required to keep the clinic afloat is acquired through contributions from people in the community, local businesses and hospitals, and through drug companies.

State and government grants are another key source of acquiring the money required to sustain the clinic on a daily basis. If these key stakeholders did not support t...

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...tion to potential solutions to make their strategy succeed.

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