Organizational Issues

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Music is a method of communication and education. Through the words of music, one can address and share his experiences, social changes, poverty around the world, and politics. The responsibility project has created short films, articles, and blogs for consumers to post their opinion on a topic as well as to get the consumers to discuss and study “the importance of responsibility” (Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, 2013). “Our World” by Black Enterprise broadcasted a short film about a musician, John Legend, who not only express his passion for music, but is now an advocate for students in the lower income community. The film hopes to educate citizens about reforming education, and put focus on the state to make changes in the education system for underprivileged students and give the children what they deserve, an equal and fair education. The film educates the viewer by showing the flaws of the education system focused on lower income families. Mr. Legend has taken action to help work on these areas within the political arena. Grammy-Award winner John Legend and his passion for music has caused him to produce music that would address the world’s problem, make an effort to connect the younger and older generations together through the words of music. For this reason, John Legend has found ways to help underprivileged students. He has held fundraiser concerts for education (Deggans, 2011), and has voiced his opinion about the quality of our school systems regardless of one’s ethnicity, standard of living, and social background to our government. John has publicly spoken and educated citizens throughout the United States about problems that currently exist in the school system. John faces external social pressures such ... ... middle of paper ... ...he entire society as well as the community needs to work together, support and encourage children to do their best so that they would have a chance at fulfilling their dreams. People of the community can volunteer at schools, tutor or attend a school fundraiser to show their support. If we all work together, we can make a difference. Works Cited Deggans, Eric. (2011). R&B star john legend talks education, protest songs and why he’s raising money in St. Petersburg tonight. Retrieved from protest-songs-and-why-hes-raising-money-st-petersburg-to/2098901 Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. (2013). The responsibility project. Retrieved from Organizing for Action. (2013). Education. Retrieved from
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