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- An organization is made up of a group of people who work toward achieving a common goal. Development is a continuous process which enhances one’s effectiveness and sustainability. Organization development (OD) together as a term means the ongoing systematic process which leads to better performance and sustainability of an organization as a whole. It plays a vital role in bringing desired changes in an organization. It helps in making the management aware of the changing environment affecting the business. It is a planned effort that effects the organization on a wide level. The process of organization development is managed by the top level management. It helps the individual members to keep themselves updated with the changing environment;…show more content…
It is a broader concept n focuses on increasing the overall effectiveness of the organization in all aspects. OD is very important in all aspects. OD is very important in today’s business scenario for an organization to maintain its competitive edge over other.

2. How does OD differ from a single-change technique such as management training?
- OD together as a term means the ongoing systematic process which leads to a better performance and sustainability of an organization as a whole. A single change technique is a technique which is undertaken to bring out a particular change in the concerned field. An example of such technique is management training. Organizational development differs from a single change technique in the following ways:
a. OD covers a very broad aspect of change as compared to a single change technique which focusses on a particular change.
b. OD impacts the organization as a whole whereas single change technique just implies on a particular area.
c. OD is an ongoing process whereas a single change technique does not take place once the targeted change is
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Leads to mutual satisfaction between both parties i.e. the organization as well as the employee.
f. Develops a level of mutual understanding between the employee and the organization.

4. Identify and explain the five stages of organization development.
Stage 1 – Forecast the need of change
This stage starts from the point when the manager feels that there is some change required in the organization. The reason of the change required can be due to various reasons like external environment, etc. For organizational development to take place it is important for the manager to be sensitive.
Stage 2 – Developing a client relationship with the OD practitioner
Once the first stage gets completed and it is decided to move further, an OD practitioner joins the system. The client will be the organization or individual who requires change. It is a vital part of the process to develop a proper client-practitioner relationship.
Stage 3 – Diagnosis by the practitioner
This is one of the most important stages in the process because wrong diagnosis can lead to unnecessary cost and inefficiency. The practitioner along with the organization gather related data and diagnose the problem to device required strategies and plan of
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