Organizational Development : An Organization And Improves The Organizations Performance

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Organizational Development Organizational Development changes the character or "culture" of an organization and improves the organizations performance. Change in an organizational development program is planned and deliberate, not random. Successful change in organizations happens with a specific purpose and requires experienced leadership. The organizational development process involves a collaborative relationship between a consultant and a client, it is important to build a relationship of trust and create a climate for change. The process moves to a stage where problems are identified and diagnosed. The diagnostic phase is to gather information to specify the exact nature of the problem requiring solution, to identify the underlying causal forces, and to provide a basis for selecting effective change strategies and techniques. Organization Development’s Five Stages STAGE 1 Anticipate the Need for Change Organizations must change as the environment changes if it is to survive. Change begins when the organization finds the motivation to change. External issues can drive change like reorganization, management changes, relocation, or mergers. Internal changes that drive the need for change are expansion, growth or continuous improvement. (Allen, 2012) STAGE 2 Develop the Practitioner- Client Relationship The Organization Development’s consultant facilitates changes by training, educating, and collaboratively designing new ways of functioning. The organizational development consultant helps the organization identify the differences between where it is and where it would like to be, and then proceeds to design and implement appropriate organizational development interventions Total quality management (TQM), focuses on continuo... ... middle of paper ... ...of the action plan to its overall, top-level action plan.(Olsen, 2007) STAGE 5 Self-Renewals, Stabilize, Evaluate, and Disengage Members of the organization need to know the results of their efforts in order to determine if modifications are necessary, if they should continue or discontinue the changes. Once a problem has been corrected and a change program is implemented and monitored means must be devised to make sure that the new behavior is stabilized and internalized. The client system needs to develop the capability to maintain innovation without outside support. Companies seeking to be successful and survive are faced with the need to continually introduce changes. There are 2 kinds companies – those that are changing and those that are going out of business. Continual change is way of life. The need for the practitioner should decrease and terminate. (Isa)
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