Organizational Culture And Managerial Commitment

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Introduction L’Oreal S.A., having its headquarters in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine is one of the strongest players in the personal care industry. The company has invested lump-sum amount in the field of cosmetics so as to enhance its value proposition in the consumer market segment. L’Oreal is known as the biggest cosmetics company in global context. The company is presently active in certain product areas, such as make-up, hair color, sun protection, skin care, perfumes, etc. Brand categorization is usually based on the needs and wants of target market segment. L’Oreal has categorized its brands as per mass, active cosmetics, luxury and professional markets. There are also other areas of interests witnessed in the case of L’Oreal, such as insurance, fine chemicals, design, health, advertising and finance. In this analytical essay, main focus will be on the value proposition, organizational culture and managerial commitment observed in operational procedure of L’Oreal Paris. Further recommendations will also be proposed in the later section of this essay in order to upgrade the company’s current brand position. The thesis statement for this easy is – “to evaluate the organizational strategies adopted by L’Oreal Paris so as to deliver superior quality products to the target market”. Discussion Question 1 An interview had been scheduled with the marketing head of L’Oreal Paris in order to determine the current organizational culture and ways in which the company has been able to sustain its brand image in the marketplace. Secondary sources along with interview results form the basis of this organizational analysis. Appendix 1 constitutes the interview questions and answers obtained from interviewee have been used in the following sect... ... middle of paper ... operational areas of L’Oreal Paris which needs further improvement, specifically in context of culture, leadership style, etc. However, innovation-based and flexible workplace environment of L’Oreal Paris will lead to future success and growth. Appendices Appendix 1: Interview Questions 1) For how long have you been associated with L’Oreal Paris? 2) How the brand drives excellence through its key offerings? 3) Do you believe customers hold a positive brand perception? 4) How L’Oreal Paris is currently organized? 5) What are the core cultural values followed by organizational members? 6) How is performance standard of team members evaluated as well as incentivized? 7) What is the current leadership style being followed at L’Oreal Paris? 8) According to you, what is the impact of managerial commitments on external and internal business environment?
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