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Organizational context/culture of the DOB NWOSU’s DOB culture emphasizes on ethics. The faculty wants to provide the students with the necessary information to succeed in their future endeavors whether it is furthering their education, entering the business field, or just personal obstacles. Ethics is stressed upon in a majority of the classes taught within the DOB. When the topic is talked about so repetitively, it is enforced as something important. Mission/Vision/Values statements Mission Statement The mission statement for NWOSU DOB is to create quality education to prepare students for the business and ethical objectives they will face in their life journey. Vision Statement The vision of NWOSU DOB is to become the regional leader in offering business academic program. This goal will be achieved through the faculty and staff acting along the lines of the core values within the DOB. Core Values 1. Communication 2. Continuous Improvement 3. Critical Thinking 4. Ethical Conduct 5. Focus 6. Professionalism 7. Scholarship 8. Service 9. Tolerance The values stated above direct the actions and thinking of all those who participate in the Division of Business. Communication is a skill that is very important in the business profession. Another important element is continuous improvement. It is vital to continually improve because of the continuous changes in the business environment. The next core value is critical thinking. This is an important skill for anyone. Critical thinking is helpful in terms of problem solving, ethical dilemmas, and creativity which are vital in the business world. Ethics is an important development for the Division Business staff in order to create an ethical environment. Focus is vital in bringing stude... ... middle of paper ... ...g slides was removed all together from DOB. Students do not get a complete grasp of a subject from just reading it. The teaching style has to be altered to become more interactive. How can the DOB improve its overall performance DOB can improve their overall performance by incorporating different teaching strategies within the classrooms. There have been too many classes where the instructor is reading slides that they have been made attainable through Blackboard. If I can go print the slides off myself and read them, then why should I sit there and listen. I could have not shown up to class once and know exactly what was going to be said because I have the power points. In those classroom situations, I am bored and all I think about is the fact that I’m paying to literally have someone read to me. I think if this was changed a lot of classes would be more enjoyable.

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