Organizational Communication Importance

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In today’s highly competitive and productive business environment, effective communication is essential for an organization’s survival and success (Riege, 2007).Thus, Organizational communication as an academic discipline grasps the study of symbols, messages, media, interactions, relationships, networks, persuasive campaigns, and broader discourses within an organization and be it a corporation, governmental agency, religious institution, social movement (Eisenberg, Goodall and Tretheway, 2007). However, the role of communication, it allows employees to share their different opinions, learn new skills from each other, organize tasks as well as establish and maintain productive working relationships in the organization (Robson, Skarmeas and…show more content…
Throughout the years, many research based on the importance of communication for good employee relationship within an organisation. Despite these entire years of research it will be studied over and over again. This shows its importance within an organisation determines that it is a strong subject matter. However, the rapid progress in, and experience with the information technologies have changed the way the organisations communicate and interact with their employees (Belanger and Watson-Manheim, 2006, Byrne and LeMay, 2006, Turner,Grube,Tinsley,Lee and O’Pell, 2006). The employees are everyday bombarded with all types of messages though the phone calls, the memos, the emails, and faxes or though face interactions. The role of the managers have become even more complicated as they have to make sure that their employees have received the message correctly and understand the information sent. The employees are confronted to the daily challenges of going through varieties and volume of communication barriers and try to figure out the information correctly (Downs and Adrian,
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