Organizational Communication : Challenges For The New Century

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Analysis of Diversity in Organizational Communications The role of diversity in organizational communication processes should include “various approaches to the multicultural workplace and consider the ways in which diversity can make organizations more effective and better places to work.”(Miller, 2014, p. 216) Managing diversity takes time and effort and organizations today must mitigate issues and differences by incorporating diversity communications into their communications plan. To be considered a multicultural organization communication “moves beyond the concept of support for minority members to the institution of policies that deliberately capitalize on cultural and gender diversity”. (Miller, 2014, p. 223). The topic of diversity in organizational communications has been examined by researchers using different approaches. To examine the role of diversity and develop a better understanding of communication processes in organizations I will explore some of these approaches and address a sample of resource articles and how they were studied. The authors of “Organizational Communication: challenges for the new century” use 6 challenges of literature to determine the importance of intergroup, interpersonal, and organizational analysis with diversity being one aspect of this study. According to our authors this research has been studied by using surveys and simulations and the trend is to move to more to real time real world observations. In these surveys, “participants elaborated on a number of causes for these communication problems, including jargon and specialized language, and the differing norms and values of the disciplinary groups”. (Riedlinger, Gallois, Mckay, & Pittam, 2004, p. 67). To address traditional approach... ... middle of paper ... ...s, race-ethnicity embodies a critical aspect of how organizations are being transformed, and research indicates that race-ethnicity influences how organizational actors communicate with each other” (Allen, 1995, p. 151). In summary, reviewing each of the articles I was able to surmise that organizations must treat diversity with additional care and promote inclusion. I found similarities in all articles where observation was viewed as hindsight as a method to perform analysis which seems odd as there was plenty of evidence supporting this conclusion. The research provided excellent examples that were similar to the content we’ve been reviewing throughout our course through in organizational communication. It is evident that research in this field on the topic of diversity in is not fully developed in that new methods were similarly suggested throughout my analysis.
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