Organizational Change In A Multi-National Corporation Case Study

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Successfully identifying, defining, and implementing organizational change in a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) is both an art and a science, as there is not one methodology universally agreed upon and/or appropriate for all organizations (Merrell, 2012). Formulating the correct approach to the process of change in MNCs is difficult, partly due to national and international implications of expected effects of the implementation process (Barcan, 2012). Organizational change can therefore be designed and implemented in a variety of ways, and this paper will describe and define the types of change an MNC could experience, and also will list and describe procedures for this process, including how to deal with possible resistance to change. Key factors…show more content…
• The cognitive method utilizes positive reframing. Techniques used in this method are goal setting and coaching to achieve modification. • The psychodynamic method concerns understanding and relating to an individual’s inner change. There is significance in this approach when individuals are going through change which, on an individual level, has a significant impact. • Humanistic psychology encompasses motivation to develop, grow, and maximize potential. The focus is on positive development and organizations, and authentic relationships. Mangers of a MNC should take into consideration the personality makeup of the organization, which has a pronounced individual ability to initiate and/or adapt to change (Cameron & Green, 2015). Guidelines for managers using each approach include reward strategies utilizing Behavioral methodology, linking goals to motivation utilizing Cognitive Behavioral theory, treating people as individuals and understanding emotional states as part of Psychodynamic theory, and fostering a belief people want to develop and grow as part of a Humanistic