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Module #6: Critical Thinking Assignment


At the core of every successful organization lies that specific organization’s application of the basic principles of organization development. In the book written by Carter (2004) entitled Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change, the concept of organization development was defined as an organization-wide effort and conceptual initiative intended to increase an organization’s viability and effectiveness. In most cases, organization development is described as a change initiative and educational strategy aimed at changing the values, beliefs, attitudes, as well as the structure of an organization for the betterment and improvement of the overall firm’s performance. On the other hand, some organizational analysts argue that while organization development may include a long list of change efforts initiative and implemented by a firm, this does not necessarily mean that such changes in the organization may bring about positive impact or consequences on the firm’s performance (Carter, 2004).

Why is diagnosis so vital in organizational change programs?

In their book entitled Organizational Behavior, Hellriegel and Slocum (2007) defined the concept of organizational diagnosis as the process of assessing the overall functioning of an organization, team, department, or job in order to discover the problem sources and areas of improvement. It involves the process of collecting data, analyzing, and drawing conclusions about the firm’s current operations. Apparently, the accurate diagnosis of the organizational functioning and problems is extremely essential to be “the main starting point for any organizational change plan” (p. 456).

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... best effort in order to accept change, implement it, and establish a new method of working and learning in the organization. Change essentially is what keeps an organization alive and moving towards higher levels of success.


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