Organizational Behavior Management ( Obm ) Is A Essential Part Of The Success Of A Company

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Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) is a vital part of the success of a company. It analyzes the psychological side of employee’s thoughts and actions even considering culture. This idea allows managers to improve not only individual behavior but also group dynamic performances/interactions and workers safety. This theory is considered as a science of the behavior of each employee. The history of OBM started in the 1900’s, with the strong influence of Skinner and Watson. In the workplace, the applications of behavioral principles to instructional design were the beginning for the use of science of behavior. Frederick Taylor, another innovative manager was a huge supporter of the scientific method being presented and utilized. Three main areas of OBM application include: Performance Management, Behavioral Systems Analysis, and Behavior-Based Safety. Inside of each area, there are key points to consider. Some would be leadership, decision making, team building, motivation, and job satisfaction. In short, OBM is the study that reviews how organizational structures are an aftermath within companies. Motivating Individuals and Groups at Work in the 21st Century. Although many managers think that cash incentives or threats may be the answers to motivating employees, the fact of the matter is a huge no way. Long term, these methods are not as effective in sustainability. They can bring about resentment and poor feelings towards executives and other workers. Realization has now set in to thinkers, knowing a brand new approach needed to be proposed and dealt with. With the research in behavioral science, new motive theories became evident to all. Intrinsic motivation is founded upon personal rewards (individual interest or lov... ... middle of paper ... ...Type O, misbehavior that intends to benefit the organization; and (c) OMB Type D, misbehavior that intends to inflict damage. From research done, I saw that people who engage in OMB Type S are primarily motivated by self-interest consideration, whereas those that perpetrate OMB Type O do so mostly because of strong identification with and loyalty to their organization. Now that I have explained what each type is and what draws these actions, there is a need of procedures to fix. Prevention, Control, and Response to each individual situation by Managers is of great magnitude. What it all comes down to is, managers being fully alert and aware of each employee and addressing the problem as soon as it arises. They need to be careful in the approach and pay special attention to the type of organizational misbehavior to properly handle it and prevent from happening again.

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