Organizational Behavior Forces

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Introduction Organizational behavior is a term based on perceptions and notions that individuals have about a company based on what they believe to have been demonstrated by the organization in the past. In any organization, there are several internal and external factors that affect these perceptions and impact the organizations ability to have success. Companies that embrace these elements instead of fearing them can use these factors to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and increase profit margins. The purpose of this paper will be to analyze how internal and external forces impact organizational behavior in each team member's workplace. The forces that will be examined will include organizational mission, globalization, competition, and customer demand. Organizational Mission The term organizational mission refers to the core purpose or vision of the organization. This statement or vision expresses the very reason the organization exists. The mission of the organization can influence individuals behaviors, performance, and self-initiative. The clarity and sincerity of this statement not only motivates staff but also sets the service expectations for the customer. The culture created by the mission plays a key role in the effectiveness of a staff member and therefore, management must strive to embrace the core concepts of the statement so that staff will inherently exhibit these values. The organization I work for has a clear mission as well as very set core values that they hold all employees accountable for. The core values are community, advocacy, respect, excellence, and stewardship. By having these core values management is able to set the correct atmosphere for the staff, which is to deliver compassionate care with quality excellence within the health spectrum. Globalization Globalization occurs when a corporation or enterprise occupies locations all over the world. This extension strategy takes a tremendous amount of time, cash, and resources to plan and implement. Organizations may realize that due to the varying cultures in different countries that the business cannot be ran in the same fashion and must therefore embrace a different type of management team. Externally, globalization effects customers in that the business operations must run efficiently and still have the ability to serve the customer in an identical manner in various locations. Customer Demands Consumer demands have a positive and negative impact on organizational behavior. In relation to my job, the demands of the customer can have a devastating impact on the organizational. The customer internally causes an emotional impact. Employees have to know how to react in different emotional situations.
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