Organisations and the ICT Systems

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Organisations and the ICT Systems Most organisations implement information technology system in their organisation, they do this to improve their reputation in the business environment, and to show to their clients that their organisation takes pride in keeping their clients details as safe as possible. There are many legal legislation that organisation are legally obligated to follow. If the organisation does not follow these legislation they face large fines or penalties, these will have a large effect on the organisations reputation in the business environment and between its current and prospective clients. The Data Protection Act 1998 is a legislation developed by the government to protect individual personal data by setting strict regulations. All organisations must adhere to this act if they use, process or stores data or information on a data subject. This act develops eight rules which all organisation are required to follow the act are; 1. All personal data must be obtained and processed fairly and legally 2. Must be held for a purpose 3. Adequate, relevant not excessive 4. Accurate 5. Not kept longer then necessary 6. Processed accordingly to their client’s legal rights. 7. Secure data transfers only in EU countries. 8. Kept secure when being held. The advantage of implementing this legislation into the organisation is that this act allows the organisation to perform business transfers and transactions securely in the European Union, without infringing the organisation client’s legal rights. Another advantage of implementing this act is that all the data stored in the information system is keep secure and up to date. Where as the disadvantage of implementing this legislation into the organisation is that the data held in the system about the data subject has to kept secure at all times and if an organisation fails to comply with the act they could face legal action for disgruntled clients who have had the data misused. Software Copyright is now currently known as the Copyright and Patents

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