Organisation And Management

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In this subject, all of us are performed as a project team to achieve our tasks, such as website, presentation etc. In this essay, I will show my understanding of the core concepts- external environment, strategy, structure, team development and culture, how these concepts are interrelated, and how it applied to our project team.

External Environment

External environment is defined as everything outside an organisation might affect it. It composed of two layers: the general environment and task environment(Davidson). Task environment is not affected in our project team while general environment is affected in our team. There are many factors already existed since the first class or even earlier, such as our skills, some resources, the reasons of studying in here etc. For example, Internet already existed since long time ago, it allows us to share informations by sending email to each other. Text book, slide show in lecture and guideline which help us in doing our tasks are also the things outside our group. Another example is Duc, Izmir and I have IT skills that help in creating website. In summary, external environment is about the things that are existed earlier and from outside. For example, Bryan gave us some tips that help us to accomplish our goals, such as providing useful informations, asked us to bring subject outline which direct us in every week progression etc. External environment links to the next concept-strategy in deciding what is our goal, what action do we need to take and how do we achieve our goals. For instance, in the beginning of this subject, we had to choose either create a DVD or a website. At that time, both DVD and website were chosen by group members. We then divided our class into 3 groups and each group should come up with specific ideas(action we took at that time). One of the specific idea was skill(Duc, Izmir and I have IT skills). It was therefore we decided to create a website. It was then our first goal at that time was clear—website creating.


Strategy is a comprehensive plan for accomplishing an organisation's goals. It consists of mission, strategic goal, tactical goal, and operational goal(Davidson). In order to accomplish mission and all goals, planning is important. We need to know some barriers while panning, such as the environment. Our mission is to pass this subject. In order to achieve our mission, we have to finish assignment, presentation and exam.
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