Organic Food Vs Conventional Food Essay

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Organic food has better ratings on health benefits than conventional food but conventional food costs less. Most people have a hard time making an educated decision on the better selection. Scientists and consumers have reviewed and theorized that the healthier option for the human body seems to be consuming organic food in comparison with traditional foods. Many people disagree about the legitimacy of the argument for organic food consumption, and whether it will result as the healthier choice. Organic food proves to be the healthier choice because of the way the crops get handled. As stated by Organic Agriculture professionals, “organic agriculture refers to the practice of cultivating crops or raising livestock with little or no use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or other human-produced imports” (Organic Agriculture and Organic Food, par. 1). Scientists and consumers agree that in order to live a healthier lifestyle, one must make organic food a priority and consume less conventional food.
Conventional food appears to be the most popular buy because of the cheap price and the commonly known brands one sees on the shelf. Consumers look at the benefits of organic food versus conventional food in different ways. As Davidson states, “some people believe pure food promotes building a healthier physique along with others that consider that conventional food does not produce a high enough level to create harm,” (Davidson, sec. 5). Organic food benefits the body more compared to conventional food, which has chemicals that result in a multitude of diseases and/or sicknesses. For example, many different kinds of blood diseases have linked to unnatural chemicals found in the body.

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... promote genetic variety among plants and animals by repudiating genetically modified organisms (GMOs), produce pure, wholesome, reliable food at rival costs." (Davidson, section 2)
Without scientists, the examination of the toxic nature of these substances might have never intersected the minds of buyers worldwide. Through many studies, people have discovered the truths about organic food and its health benefits. Scientists have not confirmed the study that ultimately proves that organic food creates a perfectly healthy lifestyle, but most people have come to conclude through tests and studies that organic food has a better result on one's health. One complaint the public has about organic food consumption has to do with the price. On the positive side of spending money on organic food, the more something costs, the higher value and the fresher the food has to be.
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