Organ Legalization Will Transform Lives

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Organ Legalization Will Transform Lives How many people would we save if in that exact moment, we would legalize organ sales? In Joanna Mackay’s essay “Organ Sales Will Save Lives” she discusses the positive effects of legalizing the sale of human organs. Thousands of people try to find a perfect match of something that can give them years and years more of life. A match for the right heart, the right set of lungs, a kidney, and so why how come there is a barrier of uncertainty? So many people die in this world but yet seek for a chance to survive and fight the good fight. It seems inevitable but it’s the truth. Lives should be kept alive not diminished even if there is the slightest chance of survival rate. Mackay clearly explains that legalizing organs can save thousands of lives. But at what cost is the donor willing to go? In Mackay’s essay, legalizing organs would be a beneficial act, in which it would save lives, great way to compensate those in poverty, higher availability for organs and a shorter waitlist for those in need for serious and desperate measures. Mackay’s article vividly argues how legalizing organ sales would save more lives and more provide a more protective safer version by a regulated system. The poor are often selling their parts illegally to ensure their next meal on the table with warm clothes on their back but they don’t know the hazards and the outcomes of those actions. Thousands of people are put on the waiting lists hoping to be called next but the truth of the matter is that its going to take months. Legalizing would ensure more people to get their needed organs and it would for the most part be a lot cheaper since in more in-demand. Although legalizing organ sales would be highly beneficial ... ... middle of paper ... sperm and ovaries, why is it such a setback? Lives would be saves, people in need of money would be paid, the economy would boast, the government would closely monitor the certain organizations and selling market. In these cases, it is a win-win situation. Overall, through my research and carefully examining Mackay’s article on organ sales saving live, I’ve made the conclusion that it would be beneficial and up taking for the most part. Lives would be saved; the poor would rise and get paid, the waiting lists would soon diminish and a much more promising availability of the specific organ. With the government always monitoring the movement of organs, it would be safe and provide a much more credible standpoint for the patient unlike the black market. With a regulated system, people would be more informed of the safe version to provide the best possible outcome.

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