Organ Donation: The Need To Donating Organs To Scientific Research?

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Organ donation is a process through which donors donate their well-functioning organs during their lifetime or even after death; this could only happen through signing a couple of papers before death. The need for organ donors has never been greater throughout history due to the relatively small amount of donors willing to donate their organs, and it is affecting a very large number of people who are in need of organ transplantation in order to remain alive. While the number of patients awaiting suitable organ transplants is increasing on a regular basis, a lot of deaths of patients awaiting organ transplants are witnessed due to the lack of suitable organ donors. “Within the transplant community, the lack of suitable organs for transplantation…show more content…
Donating organs to scientific research is usually an after death donation through which scientists and doctors make use of these organs and put them through tests which will increase the knowledge of the medical field about the organs of the human body. When organ donors donate their organs to scientific research, they are helping and improving scientific development to grow on a faster scale than the usual. When donating to scientific research, donors are increasing the knowledge of scientists and also indirectly saving thousands of lives by developing science. Many cures to deadly diseases are found through this process which will relieve the struggles and the pain of many patients. A study by Forsberg & Eriksson (2010) claims that organ donation could add to medical advancements through biobank studies on beforehand taken tissue tests saves lives and improves health and wellbeing (p.66). People argue by how organ donation defies many religions and cultures. According to critics it is unethical for a person to buried with missing organs; instead they should be buried as they are and the way god sent them to life. However, all religions in our world today encourage peace, prosperity, and helping one another. Donating organs to these people that are in need set them out of miseries that they have been going through for years while sticking to the words of different holy books. Different types of religions support organ donation. For example the Roman Catholic church supports organ donation as long as it is an act of charity and provides means of saving a life, while Orthodox Judaism considers organ donation obligatory if it will save a life as long as the donor is dead. According to an interview done by The Journal of Religion and Health in the United Kingdom with the UK faith and belief leaders Randhawa et al. (2012) state that the interviews with these leaders indicated that none of the religious
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