Organ Donation And Transplantation

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Nowadays, as the chain of existence endures, mankind’s ambition goes rampant all over the planet, causing chaos and an anarchy-like situation for several countries. Some of these “ situations” can be mete out to several categories. Some of these categories involve trade, technology or even advertisement. Nevertheless, there are some categories that involve all those three topics. Organ donation and transplant in particular an extremely important issue that have not been discussed much in recent researches. Organ donation and transplant is one solution to chronic diseases with no hope of treatment, such as the chronic kidney disease. Organs are very important in such cases, for they can be of decent help in hopeless cases and worst case scenarios. Organs can be hard to get, as orders can stack up to a 2-year waiting lists, and especially for rare blood-types.
Organ donation is a surgical procedure done by taking off a healthy organ from one person ‘donor’. The donated organ is transplanted surgically in other person who has a failure or damage on the same organ ‘recipient’, this procedure called organ transplantation.
In 1950s before the concept of organ transplant, patients with renal failure were dying because the dialysis technique was not far and wide available at that time. Surgeon thought about kidney transplant as a solution. But for the first unsuccessful kidney transplant, the body immune system recognizes the foreign organ and triggers the immune response to reject this organ. Rejection respond and how it was initiated was not well understood.

In 1954 at Peter Brigham Hospital in Boston where the first successful organ transplant happen. Identical twin showed one with renal failure so his brother wanted to donate his or...

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... think about is, which organ would take the duty of this removed part? what would happen if this part would be removed? how will this affect our daily life? will my body ever function as it was WITH this removed organ?
All what this issue needs is awareness. we have the bright minds, we have the necessary equipment, we have the suitable skills, all we been is donators. Donators will not show up by themselves. The patients in need of organ donation are cumulating, the sooner we aware the people the sooner we would get donators, the sooner we get donators the sooner we would match them to suitable patients, the sooner we match donator to a patient the sooner patients of organ donation are decreased. The gist is that people should have the knowledge about how critical organ donation is and how simple is the process is, in essence of a medical mind, as SOON as possible.
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