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I can say one thing for sure,” Life for me ain’t been no crystal stairs.” (Hughes, 1995) After receiving this assignment, I stepped back and took a good look at my life. I contemplated the different ways I have grown and changed. I began to recall certain parts of my life that may have had an effect on the experiences that I had to endure in life. With all my life experience, I am able to identify all three domains of developmental in my life. As this paper progresses, you will learn about my family, what I like to do, some of the changes I went through, my educational experiences, where I am now, and my future. As you read this paper, you may wonder how I made it through, but just keep reading; I’m planning a great future. When I was only 3, my mother told my uncle to watch my siblings and me, while she walked to the store. By God, that must have been a really long walk because she didn’t come back until I was 7. I wasn’t mad at her when she left, though. I was watching her go through hell and hot water and living in addiction. I was just grateful that she thought enough to leave me with my paternal grandmother and father. My father was still entrapped in a hazy world, but he would try his best. Until he realized enough was enough and checked himself into a drug rehab after a short addiction of his own. Thank God for my grandmother. She was the blessing and asset that I was given to make it through any storm. She probably wasn’t perfect for the world, but she was perfect for me. My grandmother worked at the Social Security Administration and all of children were boys. This means that she worked a lot of hours and she had little experiences with girls. She didn’t know how to comb hair, but my next door neighbors, Shonda and La... ... middle of paper ... ...ime frames that were set. I will admit that my life has been hard and complex, but these situations and how I dealt with them have made me who I am today. Now that I am knowledgeable about the different theorist and their theories, I am able to better watch the steps that I take in life. I realize that my playing time is over and all that matters now is business. I am keeping a copy of this assignment as motivation to help me through the hard times, and my signature to all the things that I have claimed for my life. Bibliography Hughes, L. (1995). Collected Poems Of Langston Hughes. New York: Vintage. Ehrmann, B. (Producer), Williams, K. M. (Writer), & Binkow, G. (Director). (2006). Pimp Chronicles [Motion Picture]. USA. Witt, G.A., & Mossler, R.A. (2010). Adult Development and Life Assessment Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/AUPSY202.10.1

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