Optometry Career Statement

Like many other students, I was stuck in the dilemma of figuring out and deciding on a future profession halfway through my college years. I’ve explored many career paths such as research, pharmacy, and dentistry to name a few. Even after shadowing and researching about these professions, nothing quite stood out to me. This brings me to the question: “Why Optometry?” Well, simply because I love what this profession has to offer. It’s one of the few professions where you can help people and make a huge impact in someone’s life. The idea of being able to correct someone’s vision who at first had no idea what they were seeing to 20/20 vision is truly amazing and humbling.
I first ventured into the field of optometry when I volunteered at a practice
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I applied what I had learned from shadowing the doctor through interacting with customers as a optician. I wanted to replicate the same intimate interaction the doctor has with his patients by treating the patients with the best possible service. Thus, as I worked with each subsequent patient, I became more and more confident in my communication skills. I am able to educate and inform patients about their insurance benefits, purpose of a test, eye diseases, as well as how their prescription would affect their frame choices and lens options. Over time, I was given the sole responsibility of managing the in-house lab at the office and cutting lenses for prescription eyewear. The technical complexity of blocking, grinding, and putting lenses into frames amazed me as it requires a fine level of dexterity and understanding of optical theory and lens production. Just as a doctor finds satisfaction in prescribing the correct prescription lenses for a patient, there is a strong feeling of fulfillment knowing the lenses were done by myself. By the time patients puts on a new set of glasses, I can immediately tell that they can see better just from them smiling. Their happiness deeply motivates me to serve patients with excellent service as I reflect upon how rewarding it is to help them through every step of the process. The satisfaction of being able to help a person regain

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