Optimistic Reflection of Romeo and Juliet: Leo Style

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This interesting and partially modern day depiction of the Shakespearian play, Romeo and Juliet, was shocking and bodacious. The direction, Bas Luhrmann, successfully clashed the 400 year culture differences between the late 1590’s and the late-1990’s. Similarities and differences both were separated through ideas as well as physical objects. Two ideas that were evident similarities between the written play and the movie was the list of characters and the speech exchanged-which was the exact script as Shakespeare’s original writings. Frankly, the idea of the deliverance of this particular speech was delivered in a way of nonchalance. The characters in the movie differentiated from the written form’s characters because of their idea of proper etiquette. The movie characters acted less composed and very lenient, with an air of easy-going casualness. The most obvious physical differences of the time period between the two individual uses of entertainment would be the objects dealt with and the clothes worn. The clothes worn ranged from unceremonious, modern attire such as patterned butt...

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