Optical And Solid Phase Processes

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There are many welding processes in the industry, some more complex than others. Welding processes can be split into two broad categories; fusion and solid phase processes. Welding is arguably the most complex process and the least frequently understood. There are pro and cons in this industry and here are few. Automated welding can provide a huge gain if used in the right application. Welding automated can be broke down in to two categories; semiautomatic and fully automatic. In semi-automatic an operator manually loads the parts in the welding fixture and a weld controller then keeps the welding process and motion torch and the stillness of the parts to the present parameters. After the process is complete the operator removes the welded piece and begins again. In fully automated welding, a series of machines loads the work piece and sensors and monitors checks the welds and quality as well and depending on the type of machine, it may need an operator. Automated welding offers advantages liked: improved weld quality, increased output, decrease scrap and decrease variable labor costs. The draw back in automated welding can be controlled but it needs a high initial investment than manual systems and also flexibility of the machine that has an inverse relationship in the shop. Spot welding is the process of overlapping metal at a particular points and or intervals. Spot welding is quick and yields extremely quick results and it does not tend to distort either of the two pieces of metal and it is also cheaper, it saves production costs. It is also more energy efficient and it is well understood. Spot welding can be weak. It cannot weld thicker pieces of metal, also spot welding needs more space and it can be ugly as w... ... middle of paper ... ...y and are melted using independent contact tips that are mounted in the same torch. The weld is an excellent weld quality with little spatter and up to three times the deposition rates and also the travel speed. It is ideal for the automated applications. Laser welding is another type of process in the industry, it has versatility, you can use it with any type of material and no matter how thick or thin the material is the laser can penetrate. Also the welds are clean and guaranteed to look just as perfect as well. It had minimal distortions and also has a faster welding process because it can cut thru thick material easily. The disadvantages of this process are the health and safety risks. You can hurt your eyes if looking straight into the beam and it can cause second and third degree burns if you touch the beam. It is also expensive as it is advanced equipment.

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