Oppression Of Native American Americans

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Oppression of Native Americans Oppression of Native American tribes dates back to their first contact with Christopher Columbus in 1492 and continues to this very day. If the Europeans did not expose weapons, disease, and starvation I believe that the Native American race would be flourishing alongside Americans today. Today Native American unemployment rates are between 50 and 70%. Lack of formal education fuels other social problems like unemployment, poverty, teenage pregnancy, criminality and drug abuse and it forces the Native Americans to accept badly paid jobs causing 25% of Native Americans to live in poverty (Sarche). When arriving in North America, Europeans brought more than warfare between the Native American tribes ultimately killing millions of the Indians. The tribes that once thrived over all of North America are all but gone, with only a few small reservations to live on since the U.S. government has taken back many of the Indian reservations. The Native American population in America has never been given a chance to thrive in America since they have always been viewed as second-class citizens. The European countries settling in North America during 16th and 17th centuries brought smallpox, measles and influenza all diseases never seen by Indians. Europeans began to take over the Natives land, disrupting the natives farming and hunting which led to starvation (Shatzman). The Native Americans were placed onto reservations, and they were forced to make treaties which the U.S. government that were violated again and again. One of the reasons for the immigration to the New World by Spain was to acquire new wealth by exploring for gold and silver in Mexico (Vilches). The other reason for Spain’s expedition was to she... ... middle of paper ... ...ates government. The Natives have lost all motivation, their culture has been at war ever since contact with Europeans. Many are depressed due to their cultures treatment, many turn to drugs, alcohol, or suicide when remembering their history. • Native Americans followed the Buffalos as they traveled in order to guarantee food for their family. As they followed and hunted the buffalo they would come upon fertile land and harvest crops. The plains buffalo provided meat, clothing, and tools when being processed after killed. When the U.S. government began hunting the buffalo the Natives food supply began to dwindle for there were not enough buffalo to provide for the basic necessities of a Native lifestyle. As the buffalo population dropped so did the Native Americans health, looking for refuge the Indians were forced to move onto reservations in order to stay alive.
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