Oppresion From Processed Food Chains

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The clock strikes seven o’clock, and the hunger for dinner prevails, in a blink the procedure for containing the yearning channels you into standing in a line and gleaming at the bright list of sustenance before you. Then you proceeded forward and recite you desired meal, the cashier says, “And, your total is $4.68 for your meal”. The availability and efficiency of food in America latterly is great enough to be valued. It is a norm in the America culture to get subsistence quick, abundant of quantity, and have no notion of the origin nor be able recognize the chief source. In Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, the author Michael Pollan, goes on an expedition to trace the sources of the foods that feeds the nation, he explores the industrial food chain, which develops food so multifaceted that only with an expert guidance would a person be able to uncover the origin of the foods’ make-up(17). The industrial food chain made its debut with the charm of the domestication of corn and is the successor to the historic nature confined food system. In the book, Pollan addresses the effects that commodity corn have had on the food industry, and how the current food available had made the dilemma that people have to faced when selecting food to eat an acuity decision. In the mist of his journey, Pollan encounters the structure of the nation’s industrial food chain in which he speculates about who receive the gains and who gets degraded in the disproportionate hierarchy arrangement. The composition of the industrial food chain is arrange in an order that the top food processing and manufacturing corporations purloin all the prosperity while the farmers, animals, and consumer experience all the backlash and disadvantages of i... ... middle of paper ... ...ment, uprooted animals and make them and others ill-borne to the new industrial life. They also coerce consumers into eating processed food excessively when they presented the consumers with a Faustian bargain of the probability of their health for great abundant of commodity corn. The evolution of industrial eating is a classic story that has been citied many of times in history. The structure of the industrial food chain proves that Karl Marx’s theory of the struggle between the oppressors and the oppressed still exist in modern society, within the form of the top- grossing food companies, and the subjugate farmers, the maltreated feedlot animals and the exhorted consumers. Works Cited Food Inc. Dir. Robert. Kenner. 2009. DVD. Magnolia Home Entertainment, 2009. Pollan, Michael. The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals. Penguin: New York, 2006.

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