Opposition of the Versailles Treaty in Germany

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Opposition of the Versailles Treaty in Germany Many people believe that the Versailles Treaty was to blame for the long term undermining of the Weimar Republic. There would have been no way that the German people would have accepted the treaty unless the Allies hadn't threatened to continue the war and dismember Germany. This was because German propaganda had shielded the people from what was really happening on the fronts. One of the main reasons the German people rejected the treaty so much was because they would have had no idea what was happening at the front apart from what they would read in biased German newspapers. So when defeat came the people were completely unprepared for it. For several months before the war ended the German people had been suffering from hunger and starvation due to the blockade of German ports and a food shortage in 1918, so when the war ended they expected this to end but it didn't. Many Germans also expected favourable terms in the peace treaty like they had received when the treaty of Brest Litovsk was signed with Russia in march 1918, which ended fighting on the Eastern front. In this treaty Germany had received huge land gains in Russia, but these were taken away by the allies in the treaty of Versailles. This increased the shock effect of the treaty, which the new German government had no choice but to sign. Another thing, which added to the shock effect of the treaty, was that only a few of Wilson's fourteen points had been incorporated into it. The self-determination clause was to be used for the smaller nations in Europe these included Poland and Czechoslovakia. This clause meant that people would vote on which country they wished to belong to, but for Germany much of its territory and many of its citizens were handed over to Poland without voting. The German people were outraged by this, as a much larger majority of the population in these areas were

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