Opportunistic Society: Why Are Heroes Are Role Models?

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Heroes are role models and have a great influence on individuals The world shown us that we are living in a diverse and opportunistic society today, heroes have become role models for the specific reason in the way which we think. Consequently, a large number of people become mad fans of their heroes and they even believe their heroes are always capable. However, heroes have literally affected people’s reaction and mind. I back differ from people who have heroes as their role model, that is dangerous if people blind worship with heroes. Here are three reasons: people can lose their mind as they over obsessed with heroes, heroes can create a terrible influence on people’s life. Moreover, people are possibly choosing heroes with no morals.…show more content…
Since the world is tremendous and all varieties of people exist, it is not a brilliant idea blind to worship heroes without any further investigations about their morals. The further terrible matter is a large number of fans are even never actually meeting the heroes. Conversely, they just know heroes from virtual internets. As we all know, a person who has low mortal is annoying to us if we have no choice to meet this person regularly. In addition, It is difficult to deal with a person with low quality. Occasionally, we may fight back in the similar way which is the way that person offend us. However, it is not the way we ordinarily do. Hence, how can those people just worship hero for less specific reasons without knowing heroes’ real moral? That’s so ridiculous. But, once people become their fans, they will no longer realise for this point. Since they begin to believe their heroes should be perfect all the time, they instantly fall in love with their heroes. In the meantime, they will pay much attention to heroes’ actions and behaviours, even some unobtrusive actions. Accordingly, it is no doubt that when the heroes cause these negative actions, their fans will definitely follow it. In my experience, learning negative behaviours is much more effective than positive behaviours. Therefore, the situation is more likely to occur to our young people. The point we have is the advanced learning ability. Heroes with no morals such as a thief in a movie, Adolf Hitler ---the biggest criminal in the Second World War. If we treat a thief in a movie as our hero, they may believe that it is a delight to steal others properties and acceptable to be a criminal. Likewise, if we recognise our hero is Adolf Hitler, we will be selfish, racist and criminal. I certainly sure that there is extremely no positive point that we can learn from him. He just only figuratively drives us mad. The aftermath is highly unconscious. Heroes with no
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