Opinion about homosexual marriage

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Legal recognition of same-sex relationships is beneficial or ineffectual for our societies? There are many Controversies about homosexual marriage around the world. At present, there are 15 countries and some states or provinces of 4 countries have legalization of same-sex marriage (also called homosexual marriage or gay marriage). But still have most people oppose same-sex marriage in many countries. The same-sex marriage involves many ways: political, social, human rights and civil rights issue, as well as a religious issue in many nations and around the world. The debate regarding same-sex marriages includes debate based upon social viewpoints as well as debate based on majority rules, religious convictions, economic arguments, health-related concerns, and a variety of other issues. In fact, it affects the rate of birth decreasing. And it does not have others laws to support and maintain it. Also, it is not supported by religions. Homosexual marriage affects the rate of birth decreasing. Because of same-sex couples have same reproductive systems, same sex chromosomes, they can’t generate their babies by Y-Y chromosomes or X-X chromosomes. Therefore, same-sex couples just can surrogacy and IVF treatment, employ surrogates or adopted children that circumvent nature by costly. As a result of it concerns economy. They have to use substantial amount of money to buy sperms or eggs that are donated by others. If the same-sex couples are male, they have to find someone to help them to be pregnant. A gay or bisexual man has the option of surrogacy, the process in which a woman bears a child for another person through artificial insemination or carries another woman's surgically implanted fertilized egg to birth. A lesbian or bisexual w... ... middle of paper ... ...ex_marriage Stern, M.( 2013, March 25).” Will gay rights infringe on religious liberty?”. Cable News Network. Retrieved from http://edition.cnn.com/2013/03/24/opinion/stern-gay-marriage/index.html “10 Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriage” is Harmful and Must be Opposed”. TFP Student Action. Retrieved from http://www.tfpstudentaction.org/politically-incorrect/homosexuality/10-reasons-why-homosexual-marriage-is-harmful-and-must-be-opposed.html Chan, C.(2005, June 21). “「聖經真的反對同性戀嗎?」貫穿兩約尋出真理”. The Gospel Herald. Retrieved from http://chinese.gospelherald.com/news/soc-2368-0/%E3%80%8C%E8%81%96%E7%B6%93%E7%9C%9F%E7%9A%84%E5%8F%8D%E5%B0%8D%E5%90%8C%E6%80%A7%E6%88%80%E5%97%8E%EF%BC%9F%E3%80%8D%E8%B2%AB%E7%A9%BF%E5%85%A9%E7%B4%84%E5%B0%8B%E5%87%BA%E7%9C%9F%E7%90%86-%E5%9F%BA%E7%9D%A3%E6%97%A5%E5%A0%B1 “在辩论赛上如何反对同性恋婚姻合法化?”.果壳.Retrieved from http://www.guokr.com/question/191721/
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