Ophelia's Death In Hamlet

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Hamlet is a Shakespearean play written at the end of the sixteenth century. Throughout this tragedy, the life of the prince of Denmark, named Hamlet, is closely followed after the death of his father. Hamlet eventually discovers that his father has been murdered by his own brother and Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, who has already wed Hamlet’s mother. Furthermore, Claudius crowned himself as king, even though Hamlet was the successor to the throne. After Hamlet is confronted by his father 's ghost, he vows revenge on Claudius. Though he intends to take Claudius’s life, Hamlet is eventually so obsessed in his own plot of revenge that he becomes insane and hurts many of the people around him. Ophelia, Hamlet’s lover, is one casualty of the plot to kill Claudius when Hamlet accidentally murders her father, Polonius, and disowns her.…show more content…
In the plight after her father’s death, Ophelia becomes insane and commits suicid. Blaming Hamlet for Ophelia’s death, Laertes challenges Hamlet to a duel and cuts Hamlet with a poisoned sword. Hamlet, not knowing that the sword is poisoned, takes the sword and cuts Laertes while the queen drinks a toast to Hamlet not knowing that the king has poisoned that goblet because it was meant for Hamlet. Queen Gertrude and Laertes die shortly after. Before Hamlet dies from the poisoned sword, he discovers that the king is behind the poisoning of Gertrude, so he stabs the king and pours the poison from the goblet down the king’s throat(Shakespeare lines 1-1042) All in all, this form of literary art is considered a tragedy, because many of the characters die. Shakespeare wrote a total of ten tragedies out of thirty-seven plays along with a multitude of sonnets during his lifetime before his death in April of 1616 (“Shakespeare 's Life” par 1, 9-13) Throughout Hamlet, Shakespeare uses detail and diction to convey the Characterization of
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