Operations Management: Effective Operation Management In The Workplace

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Operation Management in the Workplace Effective operations management is an essential and much needed aspect, of successful companies and organizations. The duty, of operations management, is to assess, evaluate, procure, maintain, implement, manage and orchestrate all resources needed, including skilled and technical labor, for quality productivity for their sector, whether it be goods or services. All factors taken into consideration, according to Chris Devine, in which I concur,” It’s still true today – people are your most important resource in the workplace.” (Devine, 2009)
Human Resources
Human performance is critical to a business’ or organizations overall productivity and success. Businesses and organizations are only as good as
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Staff with exceptional customer service skills such as patience, understanding, ability to resolve issues, and offer creative solutions, while maintaining professional composure and politeness are a tremendous asset, to the service industry.
Operation Management Manufacturing Operation management in the manufacturing sector varies from the service industry. In manufacturing, mass production of goods is the goal, with machines and technology. As technology advances, manufacturing can become increasingly lean resulting, in less need of some of its resources. Although still essential, human resources, are in less demand, as machines can produce consistent, high volume, and quality results 24 hours a day. For manufacturing, the ratio of humans needed to run, upgrade, and maintain machines is far less than the demands, of the service industry, to maintain their productivity and standards.
Service Operation Management versus Manufacturing Operation
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All resources combined together, inevitably, can make or break a business. It is essential that both sectors grasp the need and value of the resources available and adjust, as needed, to the economy and industry demands. The goal for both is to provide a sector, of consumers, with quality products or services. Human resources are essential, to both for implementation, execution and delivery of the product or services being provided. The dynamics, of both genres of Operation Management, vary, in the needs and demands of the industry, technology available, and the ever changing consumer trends. It is important, that both, are flexible and responsive, to new needs, to maintain established costumers, have an edge in their market, while, hopefully attracting a new demographic, to add to the businesses overall success. At the end of the day, it is the bottom line, the profitability and growth, of a business, that has the ability upgrade its technology, invest in the new and current resources available, encourage, motivate and reward its employees towards continued success. (In my perfect world, I would hope that both the service and manufacturing companies lean towards being green, environmentally conscious, and advocate for a cruelty free
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