Operations Management : A Field Of Management

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Operations management is a field of management concerned with controlling the process of production and designing supervising, organizing and planning in the contexts of production. Also it includes business operations in the production of goods and services. It has the responsibility for ensuring that business operations are benefit and efficient. In other words, organization successfully processes from inputs to outputs in an efficient way. It is concerned to manage the process that turns inputs like raw materials, energy and labor (human resources- staff or workers) into outputs such as goods and services. There are two terms about operations management, which is supply chain management and logistics. Operations management has firm foundations of management and logistics. It is critical to understand and realize supply chain management of global trends for meeting client demand. With logistics, the careful use of resources as well as cost-effectiveness has become gradually important in an era in which resources can be in short supply and customer expectations. (TOPMBA, 2014 ) Historical review of the evolution of OM Historical evolution of Operation Management (OM) has a specific name every era. OM’s history starts with the industrial periods. When the industrial revolution occurred in the end of the 18th century, this caused changing working environment. Until the revolution happened, people produced all goods in their home which is called home environment. But after the revolution, it is changed to factory production. At this era, modern steam engines had been developed. Through this incident, several important industrial developments occurred. In early 1800s, Eli Whitney developed the concept of a design for high volume p... ... middle of paper ... ...skilled staff was identified as the biggest problem facing small business in New Zealand, with 18 per cent labeling this as the main challenge they face. Regulation was the second biggest problem small businesses face, after being the biggest problem last quarter, while low turnover was third. The exchange rate is also concerned as a challenge. (KLOETEN, 2015) Normally SMEs worry about attracting new customers at the first time. They need to make and use a website effectively to attract new customers. In other words, they have to maintain and update a website periodically and maximize social media which people can easily access. Updating the business plan on time and marketing the business are important to run SME’s in New Zealand. As the world markets are changed fast, they required to adopt new technology for their growth, which can satisfies existing customers.
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