Operational Strategies of Sainsbury’s

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Problem Areas Sainsbury’s quite often faces the problem of lacking in stock which causes discomfort to customers, because the wanted item is missing and therefore they wasted their journey. This problem reaches its peak in holiday season when the demand is much higher of certain goods. Solution to that would be pre-stocking and preparing for those scenarios through doing risk analysis for the operations. According to the article of Askew (2013) Sainsbury’s is about to open their first online fulfilment store or a dark store which will create 375 new jobs. Furthermore the article states that Sainsbury’s delivers to over 190,000 customers every week and therefore sales are growing rapidly 15% a year. The purpose of this is, to have additional warehouses where the deliveries of customers can be picked up rather than taking goods from shops which creates lack in goods availability in store. The second issue is the wastage food which Sainsbury’s always tries to reduce through promotional offers, which does not work always and creates wastages. Solution for that would be to assess year by year and the past years average consumer demand on goods. This will allow pre-stocking of goods and reduce the problem of wastage to a minimal level. Table of Contents Introduction 3 Overview of Sainsbury’s & Iceland 3 Strategic view of Operations 3 Transformation Process 4 Typology of operations 7 Performance Objectives 8 References 9 Appendices 10 Problem Areas 11 Introduction The aim of this report is to analyse the strategic viewpoint of Sainsbury's and evaluate how effectively the operation is meeting the customer needs. Furthermore the report will analyse problem areas of the operation. The report will be based off primary... ... middle of paper ... ... Prentice Hall. 4. Hill, A and Hill, T. (2011) Essentials Operations Management. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 5. Iceland Foods Ltd. (2014) ‘The Iceland story’ Iceland Foods Ltd [Online]. Available at: http://about.iceland.co.uk/about-iceland/the-iceland-story/ (Accessed: 08 February 2014). 6. J Sainsbury plc. (2014) ‘FAQs’ J Sainsbury plc [Online]. Available at: http://www.j-sainsbury.co.uk/extras/faqs/general/#tabbed_section (Accessed: 05 February 2014). 7. Reuters (2007) ‘TIMELINE - Key events in Sainsbury's history’, Reuters, 05 November [Online]. Available at: http://uk.reuters.com/article/2007/11/05/uk-sainsbury-takeover-timeline-idUKL058497420071105 (Accessed: 03 February 2014). 8. Rogers, J. (2014) ‘Financial review’ J Sainsbury plc [Online]. Available at: http://annualreport2012.j-sainsbury.co.uk/financial-review/ (Accessed: 05 February 2014).
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