Operation and Supply Chain Strategy in Toyota and Amazon

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Operation and Supply Chain Strategy in Toyota and Amazon
The main objective of business organizations is to remain competitive by providing a better services or best product to satisfying the needs of their customers. All business concentrate to satisfying the needs and wants of customers enables a business to thrive well in the competitive local and global market. Business put in places all important strategies on their operations and also on their supply chain to ensure they achieve their objectives. The strategies help the business organization to have workable long-term goals that focus on the future success of the organization. Operation strategy make sure that a company produces or services are in the path of quality performances, to its customers in a cost effective way. To effectively have a successful operation strategy, it is important that the strategy is divided into corporate, business and finally functional operations. On the other hand, supply chain strategy enables an organization to deliver value across the operations. The supply chain strategy details the step by step action to be taken by an organization in its operations to achieve the desired set goals. This paper looks at operation strategy of Toyota Automobile Company and supply chain strategy of, and how they have helped the companies in implementing their business strategies.
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Operations strategy
Operation strategy is how companies set a plan of goals for its business with the availability resources in it hands to meet the customer need in the market, and make sure company appraise orders by customers through anticipating inventory and the production inventory. In the modern world where technology has grown...

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...upply chain strategies are essential in achieving an organizations goal . Amazon and Toyota companies have been identified as successful companies, which are operating in almost in all parts of the world. The companies with a distinctive strategies on operations and supply chain and thus remain competitive in the international market. The most successful when focusing in the main core of the business competition, and controlling the souring of inventory and reduce it cost with maintaining a high quality product in efficient process . The advancement and adoption of technology in the operation of these companies, has enabled them survive and compete favorably in the retailing market all over the world. The companies have also been utilizing agile approach as well as lean supply; which ensures their customers are always served in time and this boosts their loyalty.
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