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When I graduate from college I want to be a reporter. I want to travel around the country and get the best news possible. There are problems that surround this profession. One problem is libel/ slander suits. Libel is posting comments about someone where other people can see it and trying to hurt their reputation by doing that. Slander is the same thing but it’s not written. Another problem is reporters refusing to reveal sources and being held in contempt of court. The last but not least problem is plagiarism.
A case that surrounds libel is the case of British Sun v. Cameron Diaz. Diaz sued the British Sun for publishing false statements about her in an article in their newspaper. The Sun said she had an affair with a married man and Diaz claimed it wasn’t true. The man they claimed she had an affair with was Shane Nickerson. Diaz and Nickerson worked together on her show Trippin’ and he was the producer. When the story got out both Diaz and Nickerson were devastated because they were both in relationships at the time. Simon Smith was Diaz’s lawyer at the time and he expressed to the judge that this article was ruining her reputation. Diaz won the lawsuit and the newspaper sent their apologies and gave her money to make up for the damages that they caused. (Cameron Diaz Settles Suit with British Tabloid, 2005). Libel is a major concern in my field. A false statement printed or said, without evidence of truth, can lead to a lot of these lawsuits. It is even possible to lose your job after losing a libel case because the newspaper you work for can lose its customers. Another case that involves libel or slander is the Kiera Knightley v. Daily Mail case. The Daily Mail accused Knightley of having an eating disorder and being a partial reason for a girl’s death and she had anorexia. Knightley sued them for libel and she won the case and received money to
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