Operating Systems: Android

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There are many operating systems that run on the devices, and Android is one the most famous. Android is an operating system which is mostly used for mobiles, but is also used in other devices. The main aim of this research paper is to identify Android, to know its history, usability, how secure it is, and to manifest its performance. Finally, Android appears to the most used OS compared to others, and it has the largest number of apps according to statistics. Android is a powerful operating system which supports a large number of applications in Smart Phones, tablets and other devices. In dictionary it means an automaton or a robot which looks like a human being. The kernel of Android is based on Linux kernel which later was developed by Google (Karch). Its applications are written in java language as an open source code for developers. Also “Google is actively developing the platform but giving it away for free to hardware manufacturers and phone carriers who want to use Android on their devices” (Karch). The aim for creating Android and for making its source code opened was because they wanted to be sure that there won’t be any point of failure, and so no one can control the innovation of anyone else. All these things made Android different from any other operating system in many aspects like its performance, security, and usability. In 2003, Android was founded in California, U.S. by Andy Rubin, Nick sears, Rich miner, and Chris White. Later on, Android was bought in 2005 by Google who started working on it, and released a number of versions and updates in the original version (Deleon, 2013). The first version Android 1.0 was released in Sep 2008. After that, they started to name their versions after desserts since April ... ... middle of paper ... ...ster and largely lag-free.” (2014). He also said that “Kit Kat does officially have a battery drain issue,” and this is due to a software processes (mm-qcamera-daemon) which cause the problem, and is most likely to be a bug, but Google is aware of it and is working hard to fix it. Android is not bound to its original Operating System; anyone can customize it however it suits his needs. In addition, we can notice from the history of Android, that this is the most varied OS. Android has grown rapidly over the past 4 years to become the most used smart phone operating system in the world. It is unique, different, distinctive and incomparable to other operating systems. It has the higher number of applications on Google play compared to any apps store for any other system. By each new version Google releases, Android becomes better, faster and more flexible to use.
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