Operating Systems And Applications

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Operating Systems and Applications In the workplace many things have changed in the past twenty years. The computer age has gone from dumb terminals to PCs that have a 2.8gig processor in it. The operating system itself has come from not having an operating system, to having Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The computer age has taken great strides in a short amount of time and it has aided to the business world in many ways. In this document I will discuss the different operating systems and applications that my business uses in day to day activity to accomplish our work load and job. The operating systems we use are Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP. As far as the applications that are mainly used by our employees is Microsoft Office, Microsoft, Outlook and Rumba (AS400 system). Between the operating system that our users use on a daily basis and the three pieces of software I have mentioned these help them complete their day successfully on a daily basis. Windows 2000 Professional Windows 2000 Pro is a very good and improved operating system since Windows 95. Most all our users use Windows 2000 Pro. Windows 2000 Pro is an operating system that offers many features to our users. Some of the features include: peripheral support and features that extend notebook capabilities, it runs with enterprise level quality, speed of operating system is faster and more manageable when running multiple applications, and finally Windows 2000 Pro provides integrated support for Internet-enabled applications which can help any business that is using the internet to access their applications in any way. With the company I am employed with we not only use the internet to access applications at times we use the Intranet, which is a web based way to access just our information for our company, when no one else but the employees of our company can access. Some of those applications are Peoplesoft, Discoverer, and Kronos. These applications are vital and without the capability that Windows 2000 Pro gives our users to access Internet or Intranet sites through this operating system then there would be many employees not able to finish or do their job on a daily basis. Windows XP Professional Windows XP is also used by some of our users. Windows 2000 is the main operating system that is used, but we allow our field technicians have Windows XP because they are out in the field on a daily basis.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the computer age has taken great strides in a short amount of time and it has aided to the business world in many ways.
  • Explains that windows xp is a great operating system and should be used by businesses everywhere.
  • Explains that microsoft office is probably not a tool that employees can go without in today's workplace. microsoft word is used by employees to create documents, letters, and even envelope labels.
  • Explains how spreadsheets, microsoft excel, and microsoft access are used in the company. microsoft powerpoint is an application that provides a user with access to making presentations.
  • Explains that rumba is the main software that is used by our systems out in the field.
  • Explains that windows 2000 pro is a good and improved operating system since windows 95. it offers many features to its users, such as peripheral support and features that extend notebook capabilities.
  • Explains that microsoft outlook is used by all of their employees on a daily basis. email is vital to any company when conversing between each other and outside vendors.
  • Explains that operating systems and applications are needed daily in any business with computers. without an operating system you could not have applications and without applications users couldn't do their jobs.
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