Operant Conditioning In The Workplace Essay

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Operant conditioning is a behavioural theory created by famed psychologist B.F. Skinner that proposes that behaviour is most effortlessly adjusted when it delivers negative results this theory can be valuable when we apply it in workplaces in several ways , from how employees interact together, clients and customers to how they work to make the company more successful. Before we apply the theory, we need to ask why is operant conditioning useful in workplace, Operant conditioning is a method of learning that takes place through rewarding a certain behavior or withholding reward for undesirable behavior. Thus, an association is made between this behavior and its consequence. productivity Because operant conditioning is essentially a form of…show more content…
so by raising the pay or accolade employees verbally can show a significant increase in the company’s productivity. Project Teams Numerous business projects include groups of employees to accomplish a common objective, when one team member neglects to meet his or her individual projects objectives, the entire project can suffer, conceivably prompting struggle among colleagues, discipline from bosses and the loss of rehash business from customers. Keeping all workers responsible for their activities and remunerating high performing groups is one type of operant conditioning that can guarantee tasks are finished on time Customer Service In customer service , reinforcement can be prompt for example, when a customer buys an item. As indicated by the Reference for Business Reference book, nonstop support can be useful when new workers are taking in an association's client administration convention in light of the fact that it can encourage the learning process and guarantee that legitimate requests are taken at a more fast
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