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An opera is created with a combination of many different art forms, some such as singing, dancing, and acting. It takes in many forms of art and combines it into one, called an opera. Many people have different opinions of things such as an opera, for me I believe that it is a creative way to express feelings in the matter of art, like how a picture is worth a 1000 words. Opera is like an art where the stage is like a canvas, and as the characters take on their every move it is like a stoke on a painting capturing the imagines, like a live canvas. On March 21st we were invited to Elgin theatre to learn a making of an Opera by Opera Atelier, we spent the day learning how an opera is put together and the many steps and art forms used.
Throughout the many steps to direct an opera, the first step would be writing the story. Without the story nothing could have been done, all the other steps depend on the story being written. If there was no story how would the show go on, no story would mean no music, no singer, no dancers, no costumes etc… The story of opera is written to have many meanings, expressions and emotions. Before an opera is planed the first thing they come up with is the story it is the main part of the opera and the most important. The story is called a libretto (in Italian) or a livert (in French). The libretto contains thedialogue of the story; it is the author way communication to the audience. Persée takes a twist from stories that take place in the present, back in the days love between family members was acceptable. Unlike now many things had changed from the past.
Beside the libretto, music is also one of the most important parts of an opera. The music is the mood setter of the show, the sense in the opera depends...

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..., the story is a twist from stories written in the present days. Being able to see an opera live was a wonderful experience but at the same time it has some ups and downs. Being able to see all kinds of art combined in to one was amazing; the story, the music, singing, dancing, costumes, scenery, etc… those being all the ups of the opera. But the main thing that couldn’t be changed in the opera was the language. The opera Persée was written in French, as an audience not knowing French makes it harder to understand. The subtitles are a bunch of help, but having to constantly look up and down, back and forth and the subtitles and the characters on stage it is pretty exhausting, since the subtitles were far for the character on stage. With both ups and downs of my first opera experience I would enjoy to visit the opera again but maybe in a language that I understand.
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