Openness In Communication Essay

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Introduction There is no doubt that effective communication is not only important but also the main supporter on which strong and healthy relationships are built. Many studies have proposed openness in communication as the basis for marital relationships. Essentially, marital communication refers to the manner in which both the verbal and non-verbal information are exchanged between couples. It involves the ability of couples to pay attention to what their spouses think and feel about specific issues that may arise in their lives. Based on that, it is clear that effective marital communication requires couples to be open and clear in sharing their views concerning different issues while simultaneously paying attention and listening carefully…show more content…
Similar to any relationships, conflicts in marital or intimate relationships are unavoidable. However, how best a couple is able to resolve their conflicts in ways that are satisfactory to both parties determine the longevity of the relationship. Apparently, while conflicts could lead to separations and even divorces, they can as well be used as opportunities for spouses to know each other better and consequently enhance their interpersonal skills with the main aim of improving emotional and intimate relation among them (Sabourin, Infante & Rudd, 1993). In essence, openness in communication among couples contributes greatly in enhancing the ability of spouses to resolve and regulate conflicts, and that consequently helps in building stronger relationships that are characterized by a greater sense of closeness. Even though all couples are subject to individual differences, the embracement of openness in communication improves the ability of spouses to individually and collectively overcome obstacles and eventually establish satisfactory relationships (Deutsch, 2003). Therefore, with conflicts among couples being unavoidable, it is essential that spouses understand the dynamics involved and consequently adopt collective problem-solving strategies in order to not only improve the quality of their relationship but also the level of emotional and intimate connection among them. Furthermore, openness in communication helps couples discuss all issues that may affect their relationship directly and honestly without shutting down for the purposes of solving their differences as well as physiologically calm themselves (Somohano,
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