Opening the Immigration Gates of the United States

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Opening the Immigration Gates of the United States It has been a long debated topic whether or not America should continue to let immigrants enter the country. Often, the immediate response would be to withhold more immigrants to come in since there are many existing immigrants already living everywhere around the United States. But the truth is that the immigrants who come in are undoubtedly helping America much more than they harm it. Examples of how the immigrants help would be the economy becoming more powerful, diverse culture, more variety, and even creating job opportunities. By maintaining an open gate for immigrants, the benefits that they bring will definitely outweigh the problems which will create a greater America. When a country opens its gates for immigrants such as America, a heterogeneous mixture of cultures merges into one whole. To cope with such diversity and attain the best results, the melting pot effect would suit best for America. The melting pot builds and develops an enriched society filled with variety. The diversity can be seen all ar...