Open Content for Educators

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The Open Content movement refers to new ways of thinking about and gaining access to information. As we embrace Open Content, we move away from traditional, copyrighted sources of information with strict rules for use, and towards a more open access framework where we can not only freely access information, but share it and modify it for our unique purposes. Open Content is governed by Creative Commons licences which allow creators to make their work available to others to use, edit, and share, for non-commercial purposes. The best known example of Open Content is Wikipedia, a global experiment in information sharing, which encourages everyone on the planet to contribute their own knowledge. Other examples are Khan Academy and The Math Open Reference, free tutoring sites which are meant to be used and shared, but not edited like wikis. Open Content also refers to the increasingly global phenomena of colleges and universities making their coursework freely available on the world wide web. This is of particular interest to the educational community in that teachers and students from ...
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