Ontological Methodology

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This section will include the entire approach or philosophy of the researcher used to collect, analyze and interpret the data in this research and involves the researcher’s assumptions related to Ontological, Epistemological, Axiological, and Methodological assumption towards the research. The research will also reflect constructivism perspective as realities will be constructed by participants rather than what objectively observed by the researcher. Ontological (Reality) – is defined by (Crotty, 2003) as the study of being and is concerned with “what kind of world we are investigating, with the nature of existence, with the structure of reality as such”. The researcher will keep on studying by knowing that this world (the schools) is filled with human beings…show more content…
Throughout conducting this study the researcher will ask how much or how high the value of education or knowledge is about the problem among the participants. Axiological(the role of values) – When researchers conduct a research study they need to acknowledge the fact that this research could be presupposing us to accept the value and could be not exciting due to many reasons such as lack of resources of the researcher and a tendency of being bias. Therefore, the researcher will actively admit and report them in the document. A methodology is “The strategy, plan of action, processes of design lying behind the choice and use of particular methods to the desired outcomes” (Crotty, 2003). In the process of conducting the study, the researcher will apply appropriate methods of data collecting and analysis methods together with experience to shape the process of data collection and analyzing. 1.4. Statement of the

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