OnlineEducation: Exploring New Ideas.

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Online education is growing in popularity for students requiring a flexible learning experience. In addition, this type of education is providing a process for working adults to obtain higher education while maintaining their occupational responsibilities. This opens up the academic world to individuals who in the past were not afforded the opportunity to attend a traditional brick and mortar institution. In an article written for the Huffington Post, Tom Snyder notes “Increasingly, colleges and university students now find themselves with other obligations beyond that of getting a degree. Jobs and family commitments make equal demands on their time. Having the option of taking online classes and studying on their own time is critically important”(1). He goes on to explain how online classes are often more difficult than their traditional counter-parts and require a student to be highly motivated. An example of this difficulty would be additional assignments, given to ensure student engagement (Snyder). On the other hand, new technology is improving to a point that allows instructors to engage students in more ways than a traditional lecture hall would provide (Snyder). The practicality of online education is proving useful for businesses as well (Snyder). Employees can now continue working while honing existing skills or learning new ones, providing value to the employer. While possesing an online degree generally qualifies you to employers, doubt still exists. In an Article for U.S. News and World Report Allie Bidwell reports, In a survey of 656 human resources professionals released Wednesday, the researchers found that although nearly half of employers said online-only programs require more discipline, 56 pe... ... middle of paper ... ...l of Online Education.” U.S. News & World Report 20 September 2013. 6 January 2014 Christensen, Clayton M. and Michael B. Horn. “Innovation Imperative: Change Everything.” The New York Times 1 November 2013. 6 January 2014 Saad, Lydia, Brandon Busteed, and Mitchell Ogisi. “In U.S., Online Education Rated Best for Value and Options.” Gallup 15 October 2013. 5 January 2014 Snyder, Tom. “The Benefits of Online Learning.” The Huffington Post 30 January 2013. 5 January 2014 le_b_2573991.html?view=screen

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