Online Testing Is Fast, Cheap And Scalable

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Instruction People have been running experiments for a long time, not just in the chemistry lab or other fields of natural science, but also in marketing research and other offline business studies. Recently, with the rapid growing of online business and online marketing, people gradually realize the vital position of online testing for every business of any size. By learning so much from the offline experimentation techniques, online testing has much more advantages and much less limitations compare with offline experimentation. According to Kaushik introduces in Web Analytics 2.0, online experiment and testing is “fast, cheap and scalable”. We can learn very important insights about the customers by their real behavior, get a clear answer from customer preferences when struggling in multiple options, and answer “the why” from the massive data we collected. The most important thing is that getting the result is fast and at a low cost. After failed for a few times and finally made appropriate changes, the business will achieve the magnificent success it deserved on its online marketing. How to Build a Successful Testing Program? Every testing program must start somewhere. Kaushik suggests in Web Analytics 2.0 to start with a free tool like Google website optimizer because it can offer 95 percent of any paid tool can do, or try some commercial tools such as Omniture Test & Target, Autonomy Optimost, and SiteSpect. Then, you can pick pages you want to fix and create a couple of versions for testing. Rather than launching a site with one idea, you can run experiments on your site with various ideas and let your customers tell you what works best. There are some useful suggestions from experienced analysis about building a succe... ... middle of paper ... ...will contribute more powerful improvements in customer experience. Also, you are forced to research the current trends of the success metrics and complete a goal-creation exercise for your test when established a clear success measurement with a well-crafted hypothesis. Conclusion The web master always has a poor conception for what customers want. With testing, you improve the sites based on customers’ feedbacks. Testing is incredible creative and amazing. Dealing with complex challenges and helping company come up with creative ideas to solve those challenges are such a great achievement. During the testing process, everyone in an organization begin to embrace the process as part of the business and as a fundamental piece of the brand. The testing program will benefit from this transformation, and the customer will enjoy a more effective, relevant experience too.

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