Online Module for the Poem, The River

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Our group has designed an online module and we have published it as a blog using Blogger. The url of our blog is Our online module, or in this case, our blog, focuses on a poem named The River. The River is a poem written by Valerie Bloom and it is included in our Form 1 Literature Component. The main objective of our online module is to expose students (especially Form 1 students) to the poem, The River. At the same time, it is also used to promote e-learning among the students. Since this poem is included in Form 1 Literature Component, it is very important for the students to know everything about it. So through our online module, students can know everything about the poem. We have five main sections, namely ‘Poet’, ‘Poem’, ‘Analysis’, ‘Activities’ and ‘Entertainment’, to help students navigate through our blog. They can read about the poet under the ‘Poet’ section. They can listen to the poem under the ‘Poem’ section. Besides, they can go through the analysis of the poem under the ‘Analysis’ section. Under the ‘Analysis’ section, there are synopsis, background, setting, persona, themes, lessons learnt, tones and mood, language and style and literary devices. After going through all the analysis, students can test their understanding by doing the interactive activities under the ‘Activities’ section. There are seven interactive activities to enhance students’ learning. Lastly, under the ‘Entertainment’ section, we have incorporated six games to makes all the learning fun. We strongly believe that through these interactive activities and games, students can definitely learn more effectively. To develop our online module, we have used various tools and applications. One o... ... middle of paper ... ...ntages-and-disadvantages.html 3. 1Stop BIZtro. (n.d.) Advantages of e-Learning. Retrieved from 4. Bitner, M. (n.d.) Challenges and Advantages of E-learning Courses. Retrieved from 5. Education Calumet. (n.d.) The Events of Instruction. Retrieved from 6. Wakefield, J. (2008). E-learning Design Principles. Retrieved from 7. Levert, G. (2006). Designing for Mobile Learning: Clark and Mayer’s Principles Applied. Retrieved June 19, 2006, from

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