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With the constant advancements in technology, there are several achievements that have been realized. The advancements are categorized as per the industry that they fall in. There are several advancements that have been realized and achieved in the entertainment industry. Among the achievements include the development of the video games and the role-playing games (Prix Junior, 2006). The games developed were played electronically via the manipulation of images produced by a computer program on a display. While others were developed in such a way that players take on the roles of imaginary characters who engage in adventures but basically in a computerized setting (Oracle, 2011). The role playing games are believed to be developed in the mid 1970’s. This was begun on the mainframe computers as offshoots of early university. There were different aspects or activities that are believed to have inspired the role-playing games. The aspects or activities that are believed to have inspired the development of the role playing games include; pen and paper, tabletops and writings by authors among others (Prix Junior, 2006). The games were developed by different people from different backgrounds and origin. This led to the development of games that were culturally sensitive. This therefore led to the development of both the Japanese role playing games and the western role playing games. The online games mainly have different themes and this is what makes the game acceptable to different communities (Prix Junior, 2006). In the industry of online video game and role playing games, the Japanese games are considered the most successful compared to the western games. The Japanese industry is viewed as console centric in the western world.... ... middle of paper ... ...side of the technological changes are believed to be considering the effects of the change on the future. In most cases a technological change may be viewed negatively if it doesn’t consider the culture of the society or if assumed not to be culturally sensitive. Therefore, each culture always negotiates with technology considering what it gives or takes. Therefore it is true to conclude that a technological change is both a burden and a blessing but it is the decree that differs (Neil postman). References Neil Postman. Technology: The Surrender of Culture to Technology. Prix Junior, (2006).The Most Significant Contribution of Technology Has Been to Make People’s Lives’ more. Retrieved From: Oracle, (2011).Role Playing Video Game. Retrieved From:
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