Online Education: Online And Online Class In The Classroom

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In this new time of technology, there is a new fashion of learning that some students may see as the best way to learn. The number of students receiving their education from an online school is increasing and the feedback from these students tend to be positive. However, the students who grew up in, and have remained in traditional classes see the positives of sitting in a classroom and following a designated teachers instructions. These types of classes show differences that can appeal to students with different learning types. Online and traditional classes both have benefits for their students, even while differing in the topics of pace, environment, and assistance.
The pace of an online class and a traditional class differ in the speed
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When students are enrolled in an online class they have the ability to receive their education while lying in bed, sitting in a library, or gathering with a few other online classmates. People who suffer from social anxiety and bullying feel more comfortable in this environment; therefore, they obtain information more effectively. Close friends of mine were not able to reach their full potential while they were surrounded by multiple people because of the “unnecessary pressure.” They soon came to the conclusion that online classes worked best for them. In contrast to people in isolated learning environments, some students may only prosper with a community feeling. Traditional classes provide an average of twenty students going through the same curriculum, surrounding one another. Those who learn from others mistakes thrive in environments similar to the ones that traditional classes provide. I have witnessed people who do not feel comfortable or confident learning on their own and benefit greatly in a full classroom. Each class setting is designed to help its students, but the variety of environments provide different learning options for
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