Online Datinging: The Positive And Negative Effects Of Online Dating

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Online dating
Online dating has gained popularity since 1995. After its inception, the service has been increasingly been used by different people. Both the young and the old people use the service in order to find partners. Online dating can be defined as the use of dating services such as websites and other portals in order to get a short-term or a long-term partner for romantic purposes. There are some relationships which have been started through the online dating services and they have been sustained while others have not lasted. Online dating can be said to have both positive and negative impacts on the society. In history, people who have been using online dating for the purposes of finding love have faced numerous incidences
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It has existed for over 300 years. Today, it is easy to name some people who are in love and met online. In the past, this was not considered to be an appropriate way to create a relationship. Online dating can be traced back to the early 1700’s where matrimonial agencies connected people in romantic relationships. However, in the past, the people who made adverts in search for husbands or wives were always seen as having been failed in a certain manner. Matthew in her article “History of Internet Dating Services” argued that ‘1995 is the year in which the first dating website was put online.’ This website attracted so many people because in 2002, the number members who had registered to use this platform stood at more than 26.5 million users. The use of internet or online dating has increased significantly but there is no enough data to determine how the use of the online dating has affected the way families are…show more content…
There are those websites which allow users to search for their preferred partners through the use of keywords while in other systems, the system selects the partners. This uses mathematical algorithms to help in the identification of potential partners. Online dating has developed of a very long period of time since the 1700’s when media was first used for dating. There have also been personal adverts which were posted on newspapers. In 1980’s there was the emergence of video dating and involved the use of video cassette recordings. Statistics suggest that among the heterosexual couples who met between 2007 and 2009, over 20 percent of them became lovers through online dating (qtd. in Finkel et al. 27). Use of online dating is increasingly becoming very common with various people engaging in it. For instance, more than 1300 websites are currently used in the United Kingdom. There is enough data to show that online dating is being used by many people currently. For instance, more than ‘30 percent of the Americans who were married between 2005 and 2012 met through the use of internet dating’ (qtd. in
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