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Online dating combines the old world idea of matchmaking with modern-day technology and internet accessibility. While a shadchanit 's (matchmaker 's) field of influence was limited to her village or maybe one close by, matches are now available all over the world. That being said, the Shadchanit had a clear advantage over modern-day matchmaking. She knew the families she was working with. In fact everyone knew everyone in the Shtetl. Online matchmaking involves connecting with people neither you nor any of your family members have ever met. This leaves a lot of the Shadchanit 's legwork up to you. The whole experience might seem daunting, but it 's readily mastered by utilizing a few helpful tips and precautions.


First, don 't go crazy over pictures.
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Make it fun and eye-catching so people want to check out your profile and learn more.

Divide your description into three separate sections. The first section needs to describe who you are, what you like, and what makes you tick as a person. Provide information on the ways you are unique in the second section. You want to show some of the personality quirks that help make you the great person you are. Let the last section show a lot of what you 're into now. Discuss your favorite movies, books, vacations, etc.

Online dating gives you the opportunity to show prospective companions just what you want out of life before you ever meet and shake hands. Don 't expect this to play out like a ROM/COM where you instantly attract the love of your life, marry quickly and live happily ever after. Sure, it could happen, but it 's more likely you 'll meet some nice people and expand your existing social circle.


Some precautions are in order for online dating. You will essentially be going out with someone you only know from an online profile. Make sure proper safety steps aren 't

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